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Magic 636 The world’s most poweful High Pressure tanning bed! Made by Sun Italia, this is the very first high pressure design that allows the customer to individually control the intensity of the session. ~ 36,000 watts of tanning power ~  360 degrees for fast results ~  Personalized tanning levels for every skin type Voice prompt system 8 levels of user controlled tanning ~  Integrated CD player and MP3 player ~  LCD graphic display
HIGH PRESSURE sunbeds virtually tan with only UVA light, our body is allowed to return to its normal 29-day exfoliation cycle. High-pressure tanning also tans the 2nd and 3rd layers of skin, so even when your outer layer of skin exfoliates, the layers of skin beneath are still tan. Finally, UVA light does not cause the outer layer of skin to thicken, so tanning on our High Pressure sunbeds will not contribute to fine-line wrinkles/premature aging. High Pressure tanning is the most advanced way to tan.  UVB rays are responsible for burning.  Our High Pressure sunbeds filter out most UVB rays.
Solarix ~ Instant, long lasting tanning results achieved in 12         memorable minutes. ~ 33 800w body lamps ~ 12 Minute tan time Air shower body cooling tubes ~ Oscillating upper and lower lamp bank ~ Canopy mounted body cooler