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~ The Pryzma High Performance ~ Pryzma is still another example of extreme design and funciton that translates into a dynamo of tanning power and performance. ~     Incredible 44 High Performance reflective 160 watt lamps. ~     4 reflected mirrored high pressure 500 watt facials. ~     Intense Body Cooling fan. ~     Finger tip controls for easy operation.
~ Heartland Sundazzler VHR ~ The 11 minute Sundazzler is powered with 46 Cosmolux 160 watt lamps; these lamps are an industry leader in achieving the perfect tan.  You will enjoy the powerful tanning session this bed provides.  It also helps to tan the hard to reach places under arms.  This is an 11 minute tanning unit.
~ KBL 4000 ~ ~	Reflector tubes in canopy = 24 x 160 watt ~	Reflector tubes in bench = 16 x 120 watt ~	Facial tanner = 3 x 400 watt ~	Tanning time = 12 minutes
~ Advantage 400 ~ The Advantage 400 ensures the highest tanning results with a perfect combination of 3 VIT Max high-pressure facials, 40 Turbo Power tanning lamps and a reflex neck tanner. In addition, it features a relaxing Bodyform Plus base acrylic with integrated headrest. Its Comfort Cooling ventilation, with cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets, is infinitely variable and keeps clients feeling fresh during the tanning session.