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What is High Pressure Tanning? High-pressure sunbeds use only Quartz lamps to deliver results. High-pressure means there is more UVA and higher air pressure in the bulb (300 to 2, 2000 Watts) it has nothing to do with what you feel when tanning. These lamps have a much lower content of UVB, thus reducing the risks of burning and allowing your skin to maintain a normal exfoliation process. Therefore results by high pressure tans last much longer, appear darker and are less damaging! HIGH PRESSURE sunbeds virtually tan with only UVA light, our body is allowed to return to its normal 29-day exfoliation cycle. High-pressure tanning also tans the second and third layers of skin. So even when your outer layer of skin exfoliates, the layers of skin beneath it are still tan. Finally, UVA light does not cause the outer layer of skin to thicken, so tanning on our High Pressure sunbeds will not contribute to fine-line wrinkles/premature aging. High pressure tanning is the most advanced way to tan. UVB rays are responsible for burning. Our High Pressure sunbeds  filter out most UVB rays.  
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